Bathroom Remodeling

Is your bathroom showing its age? Are you tired of dealing with cracked tiles, leaky faucets, or outdated features? Then why not let the skilled team of bathroom experts at Kansas City Remodel transform your bathroom and give it a fresh new look!

Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen specialize in bathroom remodels and have served customers in the Greater Kansas City Area since 2006. Our knowledgeable team is ready to help you update your current bathroom space—whether you require a little updating or a full remodel!

We can help you select a bathroom space design that best suits your needs and budget. Maybe you envision a spa-like space with wooden details, neutral colors, and a natural quality? Perhaps you prefer a more modern, state-of-the-art space with clean lines and a sleek design? Maybe you want to achieve a more vintage atmosphere with classic bathroom fixtures and features? No matter which design you have in mind for your bathroom space remodel, our knowledgeable staff can help.

Key Bathroom Remodeling Services:

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Handyman Services – Residential and Commercial

Go ahead and start making out your list of those home repairs that have been bugging you or that you haven’t got around to yet.  We got this and are just a phone call away.  Our technicians are skilled, courteous and available for same-day emergency repairs, or can be scheduled for days and times which are convenient to you.  So whether it’s a toilet issue, ceiling fan replacement, wood rot repair, caulking, drywall repair, painting or hundreds of other “honey-do” items, get your list together and give us a call!  Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen is the name you can trust for efficient handyman repairs in Kansas City!

Key Handyman Services:

If you need repairs completed that are not on the list, simply give us a call. There is a good chance that one of our handymen has the capability of providing the repair services you need to get the job done!

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Basement Remodeling

Does your Kansas City basement need a remodel or build-out?  Are you losing out on additional living space?  Kansas City Remodel can change your basement space into a beautiful addition for your family.  The possibilities for your basement are only limited by your imagination.

And if you still want a part of your basement to be used for storage, we can easily create a wall to divide your basement into storage room.

We provide reasonable rates, courteous and professional service and creative experience to design a basement you will enjoy for years.  We will ensure that all the work meets code and things go smoothly so you can rest easy knowing that the project is going to be done right, the first time. If you are not sure on the design aspect of your basement, no problem – we can help you design a custom space.

Key Basement Remodeling Services:


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Deck building and remodeling

Decks allow us to gather together to enjoy special moments with family and friends.  Spending time underneath the stars or enjoying your coffee and fresh air while watch the sun come up is very peaceful, joyful and memorable.

One of the best ways to improve your home is building a beautiful deck.  Not only will it increase your home’s value but it will bring you and your family many cherished moments in the years to come.

Custom deck repair is an art and science.  We will work with you to understand your personal goals and tastes to create a unique and personable design you will be very happy with.  We work with the latest materials from composite decking to exotic and beautiful wood materials.  We always use the best materials available to ensure that the deck will last for years to come.

Do you have an existing deck that desperately needs a new look?  We can revitalize your existing deck by replacing needed materials, power-washing and staining and sealing. We can also add onto your existing deck to enlarge the area.

Looking to screen in your deck, patio or porch?  Our professionals can screen in your porch which will allow you to enjoy it year-round. We will help you choose what kind of style and screen is best suited according to your goals and design tastes.

Key Deck Services:

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Room Additions

Is it time to finally add on to your home? Let the professionals at Kansas City Remodel help you design and build the room addition you’ve always wanted

Room additions are a great way to expand the living space or your home.  From sunrooms to major home expansions,  we have the professional expertise to improve your home with a beautiful and elegant addition.

Sunrooms are a popular add-on for simple reasons. It allows the homeowner to enjoy the space year-round.  Imagine drinking your morning coffee while watching the sun come up in your new sunroom – we can make this a reality for you!  Our sunrooms are designed with you in mind, according to your budget and tastes.  We have the expertise to run all of the new electrical and heating/cooling systems if that is what’s required.  Furthermore, we always leave our daily jobsite clean and tidy and we deliver on time.

If you are looking for something bigger such as a first-floor or even two-story add-on, we can do it!  We will work with you from the ideation stage all the way to completion ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your new space.  We will custom design the new space per your individual tastes and budget.  We’ve been making our customers satisfied since 2006!

Key Room Addition Services:

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Kitchen Remodeling

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. The place where families gather to prepare delicious meals, enjoy each other’s company, and catch up on the day’s events. Where experienced chefs and novice cooks alike assemble their ingredients and fill the home with savory aromas and delicious culinary creations.


Whether you are preparing a holiday feast for the entire family, or a simple meal for one, a properly functioning kitchen space is an essential part of your preparations—and the team at Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen understand the importance of an efficient and well-designed kitchen. We have proudly served customers in the Greater Kansas City Area since 2006, and our skilled craftsmen and courteous staff are ready to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams!


Here at Kansas City Remodel, we specialize in kitchen remodeling and our knowledgeable team is ready to help- from designing the space to selecting the kitchen components that best suit your needs and budget. Whether your kitchen needs a little updating, or an entire remodel, we will work as efficiently until the job is completed.

Key Kitchen Remodeling Services:

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Your Property Maintenance Company

Our skilled team of professionals at Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen offer property management support for construction, rollout services and commercial maintenance jobs. We currently work as a sub-contractor for 18 national facility and property management companies located across the United States. We’ve had the privilege to work at locations such as Little Caesars, Arrowhead Stadium, Kauffman Stadium, Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Walmart, Shane Company, PetSmart, Petco, Foot Locker, Sally Beauty Supply, RadioShack and Maurices to name a few. Although we typically provide these services within the Greater Kansas City Area, we have traveled outside the metropolitan area for special assignments.

At Kansas City Remodel, Handyman Allen and our dedicated staff realize the importance of quick turn-around service and quality performance when relying on a property management support team. We pride ourselves on providing professional service, quality products, and skilled craftsmanship. We also take pride in the fact that the facility and property management support services portion of our business has grown by 150% in the last 2 years!

Since 2006, our experienced remodeling and handyman teams have served hundreds of customers in the Greater Kansas City Area—completing quality projects from deck repairs to kitchen remodels to room additions. Customer satisfaction is a top priority and we always endeavor to work as efficiently as possible in order to keep our projects on-time and on-budget. Here at Kansas City Remodel and Handyman Allen, we bring the same quality skills, experience, and professional approach to our property management construction services.

Key Property Management and Facility Services:

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