Protect Your Home’s Exterior This Summer

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So far this summer, Mother Nature has been fairly gentle with rain in June and abnormally cool temperatures in July, but as the old saying goes, just wait a moment in the Midwest and the weather will change. These quick fluctuations in the weather can cause significant changes in the home, some being more visible than others, so it’s important during the warm summer months to protect your home’s exterior. Just as you safeguard your skin and eyes from the sun with protective clothing, sunscreen and sunglasses, a fresh coat of sealant on the surface of a deck or paint around the windows and doors of your home can provide a barrier against the ever-changing Midwest weather.

In addition to the sun, the ever-present humidity felt across Kansas and Missouri can also wreak havoc on the wood surrounding the doors and windows of your home. The double whammy of heat and humidity cause windows and doors to swell during the summer months so there’s a good chance that your doors and windows now open and close with more difficulty because of the expansion. This enlargement can create unfortunate gaps around windows and doors that let in hot, humid air and let out expensive air-conditioned air. To remedy this, clean the gapping areas around windows and doors and fill the gaps with fresh caulk to create a barrier against the lost air.

Dampness caused by humidity can also create the perfect environment for wood rot on decks and the trim around your home’s windows and doors. Because there’s no stopping the summer humidity in this area, it’s important to determine if there are any other potential sources of moisture that could cause wood rot besides humidity. Once the source of the dampness is found, Handyman Allen will create a plan of attack to remove the wood rot before it spreads further. This process includes replacing the wood at least one foot beyond the rotten area. After the rotten wood is removed, the area is inspected and cleaned to improve ventilation in the area.

When water collects on larger, flat surface areas such as decks, wood rot can set in much faster. Boards become worn out or damaged as a result of standing water and this creates the perfect atmosphere for structural damage. You can easily assess if wood is rotten by pressing a screwdriver into the surface of the wood. If you are able to push the tool down into the wood, then wood rot is present. After removing and replacing the rotten wood, it’s important to add a coat of sealant to the fresh wood to keep out any additional moisture. Trim around windows and doors can also be affected by wood rot and should be sealed with a coat of fresh paint.

Your home is one of your greatest assets, so take the time to protect it. Call Handyman Allen at 913.706.6025 for a free, no obligation estimate on handyman services, wood rot, deck repair and interior and exterior painting services.


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