Wood Rot is Curable with Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Repair Before Wood Rot Repair After

Kansas City Remodel proudly serves Kansas City MO, Johnson County KS, Olathe, Leawood & Overland Park KS and all the Kansas City Metro Area. One of the areas of expertise that has been helping people all over those areas is the expert wood rot repair. If you suspect that you are struggling with wood rot it is important that you get some expert help on board.

What Is Wood Rot?

Wood rot begins with moist wood. Fungi spores (which are always flying around) attach to the damp wood and start the process of decaying the wood. The fungi flourish in the wood and release and enzyme which breaks down the wood and makes it spongy and easier for the wood to be consumed by the fungi. There are primarily three types of wood rot:

  • White rot
  • Dry rot (which really is not dry) is often a term that is used to describe wood that has dried out so the decay has stopped, but wood cannot “rot” without moisture, keeping it dry is the solution not part of the problem!
  • Brown rot

In many cases under the right conditions the rot can spread quickly and cause structural issues. Acting quickly will put the rot into check and keep it from spreading. Rot is very prevalent throughout the US. Per an Ohio State Study, rot accounts for about 10% of all the lumber purchases. It is prevalent, especially in older homes and homes that are not fitted with rain gutters. Protecting wood from the elements by painting, sealing and ensuring that rain, snow and ice cannot penetrate is important. Once it begins, getting a professional to help make the repairs will minimize the damage.

The Repair Process

Kansas City Remodel can properly repair this type of damage and restore your property to like new condition. Please call us at 913-210-6020 or use our online form to discuss your options!