How to Choose a New Kitchen Sink

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When it comes time for a kitchen remodel, choosing a sink does not generally rank as high in terms of fun, especially when you compare it to choosing new countertops or flooring. Unglamorous as a sink may seem, it is typically one of the most used areas of a kitchen. This is even true in kitchens that do not experience much cooking! Considering the value of this kitchen workhorse, it’s particularly important to find a sink that hits the right note in terms of size, look and function.

With this in mind, start the search for a new sink by considering how you use the current sink in your kitchen. Is it a collection place for dishes that don’t quite make it into the dishwasher or do you prefer to fill the sink with hot, soapy water and wash dishes by hand? Is the size and arrangement of the current sink big enough to accommodate for simple food prep work and does its size encourage or discourage help in the kitchen? Lastly, do you need a sink that’s adaptable to unconventional uses such as bathing small pets or humans or repotting large plants?

After giving some thought to how you use your current sink, next consider what you like and dislike about your current sink. We’re guessing that what you don’t like will be the easiest to articulate. This distinction is important if you find yourself constantly searching for workarounds because of a bad sink design or a lack of space. Sometimes it may seem like the size of a sink is too small but what’s not working is actually the use of the space within the sink. For instance, a triple bowl sink can look like it contains a lot of sink space but if the largest bowl still does not accommodate your big pots and pans (especially during the holidays), it’s more likely to be an inefficient use of space.

If you’re not sure what size of sink is best for your kitchen, consider starting with this recommendation from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. The industry association recommends a single-bowl sink (16 x 21) for a kitchen that measures less than 150 square feet. Or if you have a window above the kitchen sink, match the length of the sink to the window above. If you’re working in a larger space, think about installing smaller multiple sink options such as a bar or corner sink to complement or accent the main sink area. Also, the size and placement of a sink will ultimately determine if it becomes a focal point in the area so keep in that mind in relation to other items in the room. The largest and most brightly colored items will draw attention first.

Popular Sink Choices

  • Cast iron
  • Composite granite
  • Solid surface
  • Cast acrylic
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper

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